About Us

RJH Trading is actively involved in the trade of Non-Ferrous Metals, Minor Metals, Bulk Alloys, Ferro-Alloys, Precious Metals, Scrap Metals, Rare Earths and Plastics.

Founded in 1997 by Managing Director, Charles Swindon, and operating out of the heart of London, RJH Trading has worldwide connections with major industry players and is well placed with its experienced and dedicated staff to supply you with your metals needs. At RJH Trading, we are committed to meeting your requirements with first class service and after sales care.

RJH Trading has undergone intensive growth since being founded. We have strong financial capability, a dedicated, experienced staff, excellent worldwide connections within the industry, direct access to the LME through some of its most prestigious ring dealing members and multinational and multi lingual personnel. We are here to help you, whether it be for one-off business or for the long term. RJH Trading acts as a Principal Trader and has developed many long term relationships with buyers of metals from all over the world. This serves as a testament to our reliability and after-service of shipping, documentation and quality control. We take pride in what we do and welcome you.

Work Method

Our Market
Our staff work hard to ensure that you can meet your purchase or sales requirements in a manner agreeable to yourself and in a timely fashion. All business is carried out in a professional manner with confidentiality assured. We call upon the services of the world's major shipping lines for shipping throughout the world, in both containers and bulk. We are able to secure competitive rates and insurance for all your materials.

Independent Inspections by respected and registered companies can be carried out whenever you require.

Our intention is to give you complete peace of mind in all business affairs undertaken with us.
Our main markets are as Principal Traders in:

Non Ferrous Metals
Minor Metals
Bulk Alloys & Ferro Alloys
Precious Metals
Rare Earths
Scrap Metals

Within RJH Trading, we have extensive experience of
these markets, spanning decades, and aim to meet
all of your needs. Please see the product range pages
for further information.